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Flagpole Repair, Painting & Maintenance

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California Steeplejack specializes in climbing flagpoles to service your needs. We use ropes and climbing gear to ascend up to get to where we need to be to make repairs.


Flagpole Repair, Painting & Maintenance

Brads Flagpole Repair,
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Are You Looking for Flagpole Repair OR Installation at Your Home?

Brads Flagpole repair is your go-to provider for flag pole repairs. We specialize in working with all types of flag poles, so contact us today if you're experiencing difficulty raising or lowering your flag.

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Flagpole Repair, Painting & Maintenance

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Best And Reliable Flagpole Installation and Repair Services

Get top-notch flagpole installation and repair services from Brad’s. We handle all types, ensuring your flag flies high.


Are You Looking for Flagpole Installation Services?

Brads Flagpole repair is your go-to provider for flag pole repairs. We specialize in working with all types of flag poles, so contact us today.

We’ll save you time and have your flag flying!

Expertise and Experience

Brad is a Steeplejack with extensive experience in climbing and repairing flagpoles. This specialized skill set ensures that the repair work is carried out with precision and attention to detail. With over a decade of experience since the establishment of the business in 2008. Brad’s Flagpole Repair has honed its expertise in repairing and refurbishing all styles of flagpoles. It  includes internal halyard, external halyard, wood, aluminum, steel, and fiberglass flagpoles.

Comprehensive Flagpole Services

Brad’s Flagpole Repair offers repair and painting services for a wide range of flagpole styles, demonstrating versatility and proficiency in addressing various flagpole repair needs. Whether it’s a traditional internal halyard flagpole or a modern fiberglass flagpole, Brad’s Flagpole Repair has the capability to effectively diagnose and fix any issues.

Quality Workmanship

The commitment to quality workmanship sets Brad’s Flagpole Repair apart from other service providers. By leveraging their expertise and utilizing industry best practices, they ensure that every repair is executed to the highest standards, promoting the durability and longevity of the flagpoles.

Customer Satisfaction

Brad’s Flagpole Repair prioritizes customer satisfaction by delivering reliable and efficient repair services. Their dedication to meeting customer needs and exceeding expectations contributes to their reputation as a trusted provider in the flagpole repair industry.

Professionalism and Reliability Is our Top Priority

Clients can rely on Brad’s Flagpole Repair for professional and reliable services. From prompt responses to transparent communication and adherence to deadlines, they uphold a high level of professionalism throughout the repair process.

In conclusion, Brad’s Flagpole Repair emerges as the best choice for all flagpole repair needs due to their expertise, comprehensive services, commitment to quality workmanship, focus on customer satisfaction, and professional reliability.